Adventures in Niagara's Wine Country!

Going Over Falls

For over a hundred years, people have been risking their lives to take the death-defying ride over Niagara Falls. On October 24, 1901, the first person to conquer the Falls was Annie Taylor. She used an airtight wooden barrel for the ride of her life. Ms. Taylor survived the journey over the Falls and only suffered minor bruising.

Ten years later, in July of 1911, Bobby Leach threw himself over the falls in a steel barrel. Mr. Leach suffered a worse fate than the previous dare devil; he broke both of his kneecaps and his jaw, but he did live.

Jean Lussier decided to tempt the Falls by riding them down in a rubber ball and survived. On July 5, 1930, George Statakis did make is over and down the falls safely, but died by suffocation due to his barrel being trapped behind the Falls for around fourteen hours.

In 1985, Steven Trotter survived the journey over the Falls in a barrel wrapped tubing; however, he was fined a total of $5,503 for this dare devil act. The first duo to complete the crazy adventure over the Falls included Peter de Bernardi and Jeffery Petkovich.

In 1995, Robert Overcracker overdid himself when he rode a jetski over the Horseshoe Falls to promote awareness for the homeless; however, his parachute did not deploy and he died at the base of the Falls. His body was never recovered.

The last insane ride over the Falls occurred October 22, 2003. Kirk Jones became the first person to survive going over the Falls with only the clothes on his body to protect him. Although he did have minor bruises and bumps, Mr. Jones did suffer a fine of $2,300 and banned from entering Canada ever again.
At 303 Rainbow Boulevard in New York, the Dare Devil Museum showcases the events of the dare deviling of Niagara Falls. Admission to this museum is free. Many of the implements used to go over the Falls are in the museum.

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